Proven to lower
contamination rates
Led by experts in the
Waste and Recycling industry

Customizable products
and on-going Education

Education Programs pave the way for our future.

Lady Green Recycling finds ways to make recycling participation fun and effective, with 10+ years of experience in the Waste and Recycling industry, we created simplified concepts and activities for everyone!

We offer customizable Education Programs for Schools, Organizations and Businesses that encourage participants to think critically and

Our services benefit:

  • Schools
  • Education Institutions
  • Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Families

Activity Books

Activity Book and toolkits for students and children

Customizable Videos

Introduction videos for your recycling programs.

App Services

Waste diversion metrics and gamification education

School Activities

Art contests, Online education, Clubs, audits and more!

Children’s Book

A series of children’s books for learning sustainability.

Recycling Campaigns

Customized recycling flyers for schools and business

Activity Books & Toolkits

Learn with Michelle and her friends about recycling, composting and sustainability. This fun series of Activity Books includes free stickers inside that our students love!

  • Customizable products
  • Individual Purchase (Families)
  • Mass quantity Purchase (Schools)



The Lady Green App teaches users how to recycle properly lowering contamination rates and increasing recycling through gamification.

  • Recycling and Waste Metrics tracker
  • Bin Sorting Game
  • Kids’ Zone

Customized Videos

Short Educational Videos customized for schools and other organizations based on their own Recycling Program and their local recycling markets.

Green Clubs

Coordination’s and follow-ups with Ecological School Clubs.

Art Contests

Bin Decorating contest to all Dade and Broward County Public and Private School.

Recycling Audits

Presentations, school visits and complete waste and Recycling audits.

Community Activities

  • Philanthropic Programs
  • Compost Education
  • Ecological Fairs
  • Beach cleanups
  • Petitions

Michelle wants to help save the rainforest with the help of friends, her dog Lady, and her two birds Luna and Luki whose families are from the Amazon. Feeling distraught after finding out about the daily destruction of the rainforest and plastic pollution, she gets a sense of urge to start a recycling club.