Lady Green Miami is a grassroots waste management and recycling company currently servicing 1,000+ locations throughout Miami-Dade County. Lady Green was founded in 2010 with a mission to serve our communities by reducing and reusing waste as well as giving back through educational and incentive programs. Our mission is to provide waste pickup and recycling services through sustainable and holistic practices in the workplace and in our homes. Lady Green recognizes the rising environmental challenges and demands that our generation and future ones, are beginning to face. Natural resource depletion is of specific interest because natural resources provide all of the world’s products and services. Our environment and its natural resources are also at risk from the global impacts of climate change.

Lady Green Miami is dedicated to bringing the sustainable factor into today’s waste management as we truly believe it significantly benefits the environment, our economy and the quality of life.

Michelle Salas – Founder & President

Michelle founded Lady Green Recycling with a goal to protect the environment and help people and businesses through waste reduction in our communities. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Michelle always knew she would one day start her own business doing something she is passionate about.

Michelle brings 19 years of management experience, including 11 years of executive management working with top business leaders. Prior to founding LGR, Michelle was part of a successful start-up company that is now a leader in the U.S. for deploying greenhouse gas reduction projects and renewable energy projects. Michelle received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Jones College in 2007 and later pursued her Master’s in Environmental Studies at Florida International University. During her first year in graduate school, Michelle found much inspiration from her professors, peers and education, that she felt it was time to launch her recycling dream. She decided to drop out of graduate school and fully invest her time and resources into creating her vision. Understanding the real value in education, Michelle continued to ‘sit’ in classes to learn the material without having to pay the cost of tuition.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets as well as training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Michelle’s currently a purple belt who enjoys to compete and holds a World Championship title. Her goal is to one day become a Gracie black belt World Champion.


Marcela Chamorro — Business Developer & Marketing Director


Marcela is a Graphic Designer with 3+ years of experience as a Creative Director in renowned Advertising agencies.  With a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from the American University of Nicaragua (UAM) Marcela has proven to be dynamic team leader and is skilled in negotiations with clients. She’s passionate about innovative marketing strategies and campaigns. Marcela also has knowledge in photography and cinematography and is talented and pre and post-production.

In her free time, she enjoys joining activities that would lead her to a much sustainable lifestyle, volunteering in Animal rescue organizations, modeling and creating content. She is constantly working on reaching a minimalist lifestyle and lives by quality not quantity moto.



Jorge Reyes- Route Operations Manager


Jorge joins the Lady Green team in 2020. We are fortunate to have someone with such a strong work ethic and loyalty to the team as well as our mission. Jorge is a great example of what a good person, worker, and family man should be. You can catch Jorge in the streets and offices of Miami either supervising, doing waste, or recycling pickup collections at a neighborhood near you.


Kimberly Blanco- Program Coordinator & Composting Specialist

Kimberly has worked 9+ years as a coordinator developing sustainable programs for Miami-Dade College and IKEA group. At Miami-Dade College, she coordinated organic gardens school wide as well as composting services with Earth Ethics Institute Department. She also coordinated the CROPS program (Community Rooted Organic Produce Services). This program provides organic fruit and vegetables to faculty and students. She pursued a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture in 2009. At IKEA group, she created planting workshops as well as being part of the Sustainability Committee. Kimberly is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work. Kimberly met Michelle back in 2013 and both share the passion for continuing to build sustainable alternatives for schools and the city.

Kimberly has extensive experience with composting and can help get you started with a composting program at the home or office. Nutritional gardening and composting are also fun activities you can do with your family and co-workers. Not only does it promote healthy living and sustainable communities, it’s a fantastic way to connect with nature on a more meaningful level.


Meenakshi Chabba Jerath– Education & Science Advisor 

Meenakshi Chabba Jerath works as Research Analyst at the Disaster Risk and Resilience Program, Extreme Events Institute, in Florida International University (FIU). She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Zoology from the University of Delhi in India, and a Master’s in Environmental Studies from FIU. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Earth Systems Science (2019–) at FIU’s Earth and Environment Department, majoring in Natural Resource Science and Management. Her research assesses urban resilience measures to risks posed by rapid and slow onset hazards and climate change. Her expertise lies in valuation of ecosystem services and economic analysis of disaster risk reduction interventions. She uses economic decision-making tools to help communities and donor agencies evaluate the merits of development projects that promote disaster resilience.

Meenakshi is a seasoned educator with over 17 years’ experience in teaching high school Biology and university courses in Environment Science and Ecology at Florida International University. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in science, education, and communication to LGR’s education programs.