Waste Pickup & Recycling
We accept any size! Ask about the nonroutine pickup option; it improves efficieny and helps our clients keep their costs down!
Education & Metrics
Complete educational programs for schools, offices and institutions on how to recycle right. Fun activities and more!
Electronic Recycling
Recycle your obsolete electronics and help minimize landfilling at the same time!
Composting Services
Interested in learning how to compost at your school, home or office? Ask us how!


Why is it Important to Recycle?



Can you imagine a world where nature did not recycle its organic and inorganic matter? Life would not be possible if it were not for recycling.

Nature has been able to sustain itself for billions of years by using nutrient recycling, solar energy, and biodiversity. Some environmental scientists have identified these as the three scientific principles of sustainability.

If we mimick nature's way of being sustainable and efficient, we can learn to live more sustainable.

According to environmental scientists, studying how life on Earth has survived and adapted to major changes in environmental conditions for billions of years can teach humans how to live sustainable and efficient. By applying these lessons from nature to our lifestyles and economies, we can pave the way to sustainable living.

Nutrient & Chemical Cycle 


Viewing materials as nutrients circulating in healthy systems as we see in nature.



  Circular Economy Cycle                                             

 Economy Cycle





Cardboard & Paper Recycling

We accept cardboard and mixed paper Of any size and quantity. Ask about our non-routine pickup!

Plastic Bottle Recycling

Plastic products are commonly marked with a number enclosed by the recycling symbol, typically found on the bottom of the product; Used to identify the plastic and recyclability of the product.

Aluminium Cans Recycling

We accept soda cans and other misc. aluminium cans except cans used for paint or chemicals.

Electronics Recycling

Computers, laptops, LCD monitors, printers and smart phones are acceptable for recycling.


Our mission is to provide sustainable waste management and education services and boost companies' bottom line through sustainable practices in the workplace.

Lady Green Recycling - Waste Management & Recycling Services

LGR creates sustainable living for our clients without compromising business needs and personal needs. Our goal is to improve your standard of living and doing business by maximizing efficiency, eliminating waste, and reducing GHG emissions that pollute our atmosphere.