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Lady Green Miami Recycling Co is excited to congratulate our very own Michelle Salas, who through her dedication in helping individuals and businesses reduce waste has received Waste 360’s 40 under 40 award! With a mission to protect the environment and serve communities, Michelle’s impact on the South Florida waste industry continues to grow through her efforts in educating the public on the importance of waste reduction and proper recycling. Prior to founding Lady Green, Michelle received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and subsequently pursued her Master’s in Environmental Studies. During her first year in graduate school, Michelle recognized the rising environmental challenges and was inspired to make a difference. In school, she learned that humans can live sustainable lives by mimicking and applying nature’s own way of sustaining life through nutrient recycling; and so the concept of Lady Green Miami Recycling was born. She decided to drop out of school to fully invest her time and resources into Lady Green, while still being able to ‘sit’ in class to learn the material. Today, Lady Green provides waste pickup and multi-stream recycling services to over 1,000 locations throughout South Florida.

In the coming months, she is publishing a children’s book called “The Lady Green Club” which will teach young children the importance of recycling and protecting our planet. She hopes that by teaching these ideals, through a story, it can change how future generations see waste and participate in proper recycling efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Michelle will be accepting her award in Las Vegas in May and will be a featured panelist at Waste Expo, the largest waste conference in North America. Feel free to contact Michelle for any inquiries or to congratulate her.

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